Some parks are experiencing large crowds on certain days. Park staff may temporarily limit access to ensure social distancing and protect the health of the public and our employees. Please understand that admission may be limited for several hours and will reopen once there is available capacity. Click here to read our coronavirus response before visiting because some facilities & activities are limited.

Unique Activities in Georgia State Parks

There are some activities that are only available at one of our State Parks or Historic Sites. Below is a list of these unique activities and where you can go to experience them.

Tree Climbing At Panola Mountain

Tree Climb Excursions

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Tree Top Excursions are about safely having fun exploring our natural environment and learning about ourselves in the process. Experience Canopy-Adventure-Research-Educational Technical Tree Climbing (CARE TTC), the type of rope assisted technical tree climbing offered at Panola Mountain State Park. Panola Mountain Grove’s featured tree is "Naomi Ruth". This noble tree is a Southern Red Oak that tops out around 100 feet. Learn more about this unique program.

Panola Mountain State Park - Tree Climb Excursions