Georgia State Parks Road Trips

2019 Theme: Road Trippin’ Across Georgia

Experience all the Peach State has to offer by including Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites in your next road trip. We’ll take you from mountain peaks and canyons... along the footsteps of presidents and soldiers... south to tidal rivers and Longleaf Pines.

Waterfall Way

Ahhh... nothing is as soothing as the sound of tumbling waterfalls.


Enjoy stunning vistas from these peaks.

“Gorge”ous Canyons

Explore these geologic wonders – and a pretty cool gully.

Native Americans

Walk among ancient earthen mounds and the first Cherokee capital.

Colonial Coast

Soak in Spanish Moss and Live Oaks.

Coastal Forts

Follow in the footsteps of Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers.

Presidential Footsteps

FDR, Jimmy Carter and Jefferson Davis all influenced Georgia.