Some parks are experiencing large crowds on certain days. Park staff may temporarily limit access to ensure social distancing and protect the health of the public and our employees. Please understand that admission may be limited for several hours and will reopen once there is available capacity. Click here to read our coronavirus response before visiting because some facilities & activities are limited.

eRanger - Self Guided Learning

Although our State Parks and Historic Sites are open, many Georgians are staying close to home. To help you continue learning and exploring, we would like to share some favorite topics that rangers usually cover during programs. Come explore!

E-Ranger Lessons

Latest Video - Providence Canyon
Providence Canyon

June 15 - Providence Canyon

Hofwyl Upstairs

June 8 - Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Fish Weirs

May 29 - Etowah Indian Mounds

Can I Outrun a Bear?

May 28 - Smithgall Woods

Gopher Tortoise Burrow

May 27 - Reed Bingham

Barred Owls

May 26 - Stephen C. Foster

Hofwyl Painting

May 25 - Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

President F.D.R. Polio Treatment

May 24 - Roosevelt's Little White House

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The LeMat Revolver

May 23 - Fort McAllister

Darien Sawmilling History/Forest Regrowth

May 22 - Fort King George

Hofwyl Wardrobe

May 21 - Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Know Before You Go

May 20 - Georgia State Parks

President FDR's Little White House

May 18 - Roosevelt's Little White House

Tour of the Vann Tavern

May 17 - Chief Vann House

Intro to Plants

May 16 - Smithgall Woods

Hofwyl Name

May 15 - Hofwyl-Broadfield

Canada Geese

May 14 - Etowah Indian Mounds

Hot Shot

May 13 - Fort McAllister

Saltwater Fishing

May 12 - Crooked River

18th Century Clothing

May 11 - New Echota

Spanish Moss

May 10 - Stephen C. Foster

Blockhouse Machicolation

May 9 - Fort King George

Animal Skulls

May 8 - Victoria Bryant

How FDR's New Deal Put America Back to Work During the Great Depression

May 7 - Roosevelt's Little White House

Stream Ecology

May 6 - Smithgall Woods

Stream Ecology Worksheet


Soldier Life

May 5 - Fort McAllister

How to Make & Use a Star Wheel

May 4 - Panola Mountain

Download Star Wheel Template


May 3 - Etowah Indian Mounds


May 2 - Red Top Mountain

Prescribed Burn

May 1 - Tugaloo

WPA Style Park posters

April 30 - Georgia State Parks

Catfaces and Turpentine

April 29 - Laura S. Walker

Smithgall Woods' Wetland Loop Trail

April 28 - Smithgall Woods

Wetland Worksheet

Cherokee Clans

April 27 - New Echota

Hats Through History

April 26 - Georgia State Parks

Find Scorpions Glowing in the Dark

April 25 - Hard Labor Creek

Arbor Day Trees

April 24 - Black Rock Mountain

Okefenokee Swamp Trembling Earth

April 23 - Stephen C. Foster

Trash Timeline

April 22 - Panola Mountain

Animal Adaptations

April 21 - Smithgall Woods

Animal Adaptations Worksheet

DIY Seed Balls

April 20 - Etowah Mounds

Making Seed Balls for Earth Day (pdf)


April 19 - Smithgall Woods

Waterways of Fort King George

April 18 - Fort King George

Hardman Farm's Dairy Barn Tour

April 17 - Hardman Farm

Alligators in the Okefenokee

April 16 - Stephen C. Foster

Tabby Ruins at Fort King George

April 15 - Fort King George

Eastern Bluebirds

April 14 - New Echota

Fiber Carding Techniques

April 13 - General Coffee

Park Ranger Campaign Hat

April 12 - Headquarters

Jarrell Plantation’s Cotton Gin

April 11 - Jarrell Plantation

Starting Fire with Flint & Steel

April 10 - New Echota

Hardman Farm’s Mansion Tour

April 9 - Hardman Farm

Colonial Candle Dipping

April 8 - Wormsloe

Casting Animal Footprints

April 7 - Hard Labor Creek

Red Top’s Iron History & Pewter Pour

April 6 - Red Top Mountain

Carnivorous Plants

April 5 - Stephen C. Foster

British Flag History

April 4 - Fort King George

Cherokee Printing Press

April 3 - New Echota

Leave No Trace

April 2 - Panola Mountain

Colonial Blacksmithing

April 1 - Wormsloe

Snakes Alive

March 31 - Smithgall Woods

Corn Grinding

March 30 - Etowah Indian Mounds

Lost Prevention for Hikers

March 29 - Black Rock Mountain

Musket Firing at Fort King George

March 28 - Fort King George

Dahlonega’s Gold in the Bricks

March 27 - Dahlonega Gold Museum

Eastern Kingsnake

March 26 - Fort Yargo

Basic Shelter Building

March 25 - Panola Mountain

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