Want to discover interesting locations throughout Georgia?

By Dale Elzey

Download the Geocaching APP and discover the state parks through geocaching.

All you need to do is follow the arrow provided in the APP that will guide you to the Geocache. Once you find the container, sign the logbook and record your journey online. You can even trade SWAG with the geocache!

Some geocaches are placed in the park's office or along the many hiking trails at interesting features within the park. At FDR, you can ride a horse and find the many geocaches along the horse trails. Parks with lakes require a kayak or canoe to get to the geocache.

Some State Parks have Earth Caches. These geocaches educate geocachers concerning the immediate geology found once you're at the posted coordinates. You will answer a few questions from your observations of the geology feature, then you will receive your digital smiley with your 'found it' log online.

You can even search for geocaching events with the Geocaching APP. This is where geocachers get together to socialize and discuss different aspects of geocaching, like seminars for beginners discussing 'tips' for finding geocaches.

While traveling Georgia, visit our Historic Sites and State Parks and earn a geocoin with our GeoTour program. You can then put your geocoin in a geocache and follow it online as it travels from geocache to geocache around the world.

Download the free Geocaching APP or use a handheld GPS, create a free account and discover Georgia through geocaching and enjoy your memories and friendships made along the trail that will last a lifetime.

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