Over 20 miles of Mountain Biking trails at Fort Yargo offers something for everyone

Owen Smith

Fort Yargo State Park has over 20 miles of mountain biking trails on their property. The inner loop, blazed and colored yellow on the map, is 6.5 miles and a great place for beginners to learn how to mountain bike. Even if riders take lots of breaks on the various benches scattered along the trail, it should not take longer than two hours to circle the entire lake.


The trails at Fort Yargo are made of packed dirt and sand on rolling Piedmont hills. This trail is a perfect way to spend a few hours on the bike. Riders will have plenty of opportunities to ride side by side, as the trail widens into a double track for many extended sections. While there are a few steep climbs – the trail has an elevation change of 600 feet - the downhill sections are smooth, speedy, and not too technical. Riders should be sure to take it slow over the dam, where the trail passes over a grassy field with unobstructed views of the Fort Yargo Lake. Another great spot on the southern end of the trail features a privet tunnel, where riders can easily bike through the flat trail and enjoy the natural shade.

If riders are looking for more of a challenge, the nearly 13-mile outer loop has some exciting features such as the horseshoe drop and monster mile. This trail is not for the faint of heart, but all complicated features can be bypassed. This is an important aspect of the trails and something the Yargo Trail Crew prioritized when creating the trails.

Established in 2016, the Yargo Trail Crew is a group of volunteers that puts in thousands of collective hours a year building water breaks, clearing trails of leaves and fallen trees, cutting out roots, and cutting back brush off the trails. School groups, individuals, and anyone looking to help maintain the hiking and biking trails are welcome to join. Learn more about the Trail Crew.

The trailhead to the Yellow and Blue trails starts at the visitor center, located at 210 South Broad Street Winder, GA 30680. A ParkPass is required for each vehicle and can be purchased online or when you arrive at the park. Find out more information about Fort Yargo State Park. The visitor center offers bike rentals at hourly rates.