Weather Alerts - Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Last updated 12/27/23 9:40 am

The State of Georgia is preparing for sub-freezing temperatures to move through toward the end of the week. To assist homeowners who may lose power and stranded motorists, Georgia State Parks are opening warming stations for public use. These shelters have restrooms but no food or bedding. ParkPass fees will be waived for those using warming stations. To find a full list of warming stations and their availability, please refer to the map and spreadsheet below.

Power Out
Warming Shelter*

*Shelters with generators or fireplaces. Contact one of the below parks to check for warming shelter availability.


Alert Information

Sub-freezing temperatures.

Warming Shelters


For more information on reserving available campsites or cabins, please visit our Reservation page. Be sure to check the map above for park closures or parks that may be impacted by the storm.
Georgia State Parks Reservations

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The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which operates state parks, is working closely with Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA) to ensure public safety. The DNR and GEMA encourage Georgians to prepare for and stay informed about current and developing weather conditions. Park guests and visitors can check, Facebook (GeorgiaStateParks) and Twitter (@GaStateParks) for more information. For preparedness information, go to and for information regarding the state’s overall preparedness efforts, go to